•••• P5JS Workbook ••••

Welcome to the P5JS Workbook. Here you can find a collection of exercises to improve your coding skills using p5js, javascript, the HTML canvas, and the DOM.

These exercises have been distilled and tested during three short workshops (about 20 hours each one) at IUAV Venezia. They are sorted by difficulty. Most of the participating students had no prior coding experience.

Each exercise has a written assignment, a solution proposal, a list of skills you will practice, and a list of various resources. To carry out the exercises, you can start by downloading this compressed folder. It is a copy of the website tree, but the exercises are to be solved, that's up to you! You will also need a text editor for code – like Sublime Text or Visual Studio Code – and an easy way to run a local server on your machine. At this point, you are ready to start. Edit the .js files and refresh the browser to see the result of your code. Enjoy!